Here at FlexiFit Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on our superior hands- on manual therapy skills! No machine hook ups or ice packs to fix your problems!

We believe this method sets us apart from many physiotherapists. Our motto “Today it hurts, tomorrow it works” is what our patients know us for.

Despite being “Princesses of Pain”, our more hands-on approach to physiotherapy in combination with individualised exercise prescription provides you with effective, long-lasting treatment that will allow you to return to life stronger than ever!

an actual Physio theraphy in Collaroy

Services List

Deep Tissue Massage/Release
Manipulative Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
Sports physiotherapy
Headache and migraine management
Exercise programs and specialised exercise prescription
Dry needling
Foot biomechanical assessment
Women’s Health
One on One Pilates
Posture analysis and correction
Injury prevention
Pain management
Post- operative rehabilitation
Ergonomic assessment
Work cover, DVA and motor vehicle accident physiotherapy


FlexiFit Physiotherapy is a unique studio that serves a key part in your overall health. We work with highly experienced physiotherapists and house state-of-the-art equipment to provide efficient and effective treatment, ensuring that you can return to your normal daily life as early as possible. If you have been searching for physio Dee Why, you can get in touch with our experts Tessa and Georgia.

Premium physiotherapy services

Our speciality lies in the following areas:


Practitioners at FlexiFit Physiotherapy are highly qualified professionals who have undergone rigorous training to acquire advanced skills and an understanding of human anatomy. When you come to us searching for physio Narrabeen, you can have peace of mind that you will receive the highest standard of physiotherapy health care at our studio. We can deal with all sorts of conditions including neck and back pain, chronic injuries, osteoarthritis, and postural dysfunctions, among others.

Exercise physiotherapy

Our services of exercise physiotherapy deal with injuries, rehabilitation, and surgeries. Our experts understand the various types of sports ailments and can bring a unique perspective to your treatment as both Georgia and Tessa were athletes themselves. We treat patients suffering from ligament injuries, dislocations, tendinopathy, muscle tears, and joint-specific injuries. If you have been on the lookout for the best sports physio Cromer, FlexiFit Physiotherapy is your perfect partner on your journey to recovery.

Pilates and personal training

If you are interested in our physio Dee Why service, you may also be interested to know that FlexiFit Physiotherapy offers personal training services to ensure that you reach your fitness goals in the safest manner possible. Pilates is an integrated movement system that simultaneously strengthens your muscles, improves your posture, and increases your core strength. With individually tailored exercise programs for each client, our expert team can help you get back to peak physical fitness in the shortest time.

Surgery rehabilitation

Following surgery, surgeons recommend physiotherapy as the most efficient form of recovery and rehabilitation. Our physio Cromer service help in postural corrections and re-establishing optimal joint motion and function. We understand that post-surgical rehabilitation can be a long process and therefore we design bespoke programs that combine hands-on physiotherapy and gym-based balance and strength training.


FlexiFit Physiotherapy is fully equipped to help you through your compensation claims. From acute pain management to retraining muscles for strength and balance, we work with you every step of the way, while keeping in touch with your insurance company to ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible. We firmly believe that all types of injuries should be treated as soon as possible and do everything to make the process stress-free.

Why make FlexiFit Physiotherapy your recovery partner

Affordable prices

The prices of our physio Narrabeen service are extremely competitive given our level of expertise and experience in the field. Rest assured that you will feel confident that your needs are fully met without any distraction.

Hands-on approach

We take pride in our ability to provide premium quality physiotherapy services to our clients with a hands-on approach. Unlike our competition, we do not hook you up with machines or leave you with ice packs; we ensure that your needs are met so that you can return to your daily life as early as possible.

State of the art equipment

FlexiFit also houses the leading tech and equipment that will help you get back to peak physical fitness. We maintain a large range of state-of-the-art equipment to treat a wide-range of conditions and we can work with other specialists to get additional imaging and diagnostic information.