Posture Analysis & Correction

Ever find yourself constantly hunching over while working? This is a clear sign that dictates that you need a Posture Analysis and Correction physiotherapy treatment at FlexiFit.


Would you like to correct your posture?

Having to work long hours in the same position is something most of us do. But that can be highly detrimental to your spine, which could worsen to welcome posture deformities into the scene. These deformities could be by birth or by unhealthy habits. Getting rid of the bad posture is something you most definitely desire.

A bad posture can lead to many problems, especially if you are an athlete, an office worker, an adolescent or a musician.

Posture Analysis and Correction is a technique used by physiotherapists to correct your bad posture and realign your spine. This technique also includes improving your muscle balance and postural habits alongside realigning your bad posture.

Reasons why you need to correct your posture

Suppose you are unsure whether you need to undergo a posture correction physiotherapy treatment. In that case, the following are the reasons that clearly indicate that you need to correct your posture:

  • You find yourself always hunched over your workplace or your phone
  • Your shoulders stoop forward while meeting new people or getting stressed
  • You feel pain spanning across your shoulders and neck
  • You are unable to sit comfortably in any place
  • You are experiencing tension headaches
  • You feel numbness in your arms
  • You are suffering from increased muscle spasms
  • You feel contact pain in your lower back
  • You are facing too many strain injuries in your wrists or hands due to typing or playing an instrument.
  • You are experiencing general fatigue
  • You feel like you are shrinking due to your bad posture.

Posture Analysis and Correction at FlexiFit

As the name suggests, posture analysis and correction at FlexiFit is a two-step process. The two processes are posture analysis and posture correction. Let us discuss these processes:

Posture analysis

Once you have your appointment booked with us, we will take over the rest of the process at your convenience. You will be assigned one of our authorised physiotherapists, who will ask you questions about your habits, how the deformity has formed and such. Then they will conduct a physical assessment where they will inspect your movements and posture while you sit, stand, jump etc. Once the tests are complete, all the information is recorded for the next step.

Posture correction

Once the physiotherapist has diagnosed the problem, they will create a specialised physiotherapy plan that will be made specifically to eliminate your spinal problems and improve your posture.

Our posture correction treatment is not only aimed at improving your posture but also helps in eliminating other health problems like pain in the neck, shoulders, foot, knee, arms, wrists, hips, lower back and upper back. It also helps you in boosting your performance, improves flexibility and enhances strength. 

Why choose FlexiFit?

FlexiFit is one of the leading physiotherapy clinics in Australia that offers all kinds of physiotherapy services. Our team includes certified physiotherapists and health specialists who have gained years of experience in their respective fields and have relevant knowledge and skills to back their advice.

Moreover, we understand how a bad posture can sometimes blow your self-confidence. Thus we strive to create a pleasant and safe space for our clients.

We help our clients attain total body wellness through our tailor-made physiotherapy treatments by merging body science with our experience. We believe in showing compassion and support for our clients by creating a friendly experience in the clinic where they are motivated to work harder and achieve more than they did yesterday.

Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve their personal requirements with physiotherapy treatment by offering them tailor-made treatments made specifically for them after assessing their condition. No matter what your personal goal is, whether it is to get rid of your bad posture or eliminate the pain in your neck, we have got just the right physiotherapy for you.

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A posture deformity can be due to a misalignment in your spine. If not treated with care, it could worsen over time, opening the way for other problems like neck, shoulder and arm pain. Thus it needs to be treated at the right time, and now is as good a time as any. Call us at 02 8542 9507 or book an online appointment at this link and get ready to fix that posture once and for all.

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