Dry Needling

Today, we are all leading very stressful lives, both mentally and physically. We all usually spend hours working on our laptops, dealing with everyday issues at work. This usually leads to a stiff body and tension in the joints. To release this tension and stiffness from muscles and joints, physiotherapists at Flexifit use a technique called Dry Needling.

Even for people with highly active lifestyles like sportsmen, joint stiffening or muscle tensing is common.However, ignoring these issues can lead to more serious and chronic pain.

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What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a process that involves inserting very fine needles at certain points to release the tension from the muscles. The points where these needles need to be inserted are called trigger points. These points are very sensitive and contracted, making the muscles feel tight. 

These spots are sensitive to touch, and even the slightest pressure can send pain throughout the muscle. Hence, the practitioners find these spots, and the needles are used to release the tension.

This process is called “dry” needling since the needles inserted do not contain any fluid injected into the body. That is why it is called dry needling to differentiate it from other procedures that involve injecting something through needles.

We at Flexifit use dry needling for many of our treatments. It proves very beneficial for relieving the tension in patients’ muscles, hence allowing better movement and recovery. Our experts are well-trained and proficient in finding the tensed muscles and treating them efficiently. 

You will have stress-free and completely functional muscles in no time! These needles are single-use and are immediately disposed of safely to avoid repeated use. All the safety precautions are taken; hence, you need not worry about the needles hurting you. 

Are dry needling and acupuncture the same?

Although it might seem like they are similar due to the usage of needles, these two processes are actually very different. Acupuncture is a technique of releasing muscular tension through needles to promote better energy flow called Qi in Chinese origin. However, it is a bit different from dry needling


  • Acupuncture is not limited to just treating muscle tension or stiffening. This process treats various other issues like allergies, nausea, repetitive stress injuries, etc. 
  • Acupuncture involves inserting needles at points throughout the body. These points may not seem related to the main area of pain. For example, if a patient has pain around the neck or shoulders, the needles might also be inserted in areas that may not seem to relate to the pain. 
  • Acupuncture is a stand-alone treatment that is used as the primary treatment. It sometimes uses dry needling as a catalyst to help patients with myofascial pain. 

Dry needling:

  • This process involves inserting the needles only at stiff trigger points. These areas are the origin of the pain and are highly sensitive to any sort of pressure. The needles simply release the tension and stiffness in the specific area for relief. 
  • Dry needling is not a process that can be used to relieve stress on its own. This technique is usually used with some other techniques to support the process and act as a catalyst. 
  • This process is only associated with releasing pressure, unlike acupuncture which has many uses. However, it is very beneficial and highly recommended for anyone with stiff joints or knotted muscles. 

Benefits of dry needling:

The process of dry needling proves beneficial for many issues and types of pain. Since it targets the exact trigger points, it is easier to relieve the tension quickly. Here are some more benefits of this technique:

  • Minimally invasive:

Dry needling does not involve any sort of cutting or scarring. These needles do not reach too deep and do not stay there for a long time, hence not causing any issues. Despite being minimally invasive, it is very beneficial and relieves pain considerably.

  • Helps reduce drug intake:

With an effective treatment like this, the patients gradually start to recover. If they start benefiting from this process and their physician advises so, they can eventually cut back on their medicines. This saves a lot of drugs going into your system. Medicines prescribed for such issues usually have many side effects that may last longer. However, with the medicines cut back and the effective treatment, the patients continue to heal while keeping their bodies as side-effect-free as possible.

  • Acts as an effective catalyst:

This therapy is used with many therapies to enhance the efficiency of the treatment. It is very helpful in relieving any stress and muscle tension during the massage or other therapies.

Why Dry Needling at Flexifit?

With Dry needling, all procedures are proven to be more effective. This therapy is minimally invasive and has the best long-lasting effects. It helps relieve all tensions in the muscles that may be caused due to lifestyle, chronic diseases, pre-existing conditions, etc. 

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