Ergonomic Assessment

Are you considering hiring a qualified physiotherapist to conduct an Ergonomic Assessment at your workplace or home? FlexiFit is a certified physiotherapy clinic that can conduct this test efficiently in any type of workplace. Scroll down to learn about ergonomic assessment and what we offer.


What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

Before we help you understand an ergonomic assessment, let us see what ergonomics is. Ergonomics is a branch of research that studies how people behave in their working environment. It involves modifying the environment by implementing changes in technical equipment, work burden, and physical movements to suit the employee’s needs.

Ergonomics is concerned with changing the work environment to fit the requirements of the employees and not vice versa. But these demands can be complex and must be overseen by an expert. That is where ergonomic assessment comes to the rescue.

An ergonomic assessment is a comprehensive assessment of a person’s workplace and how it impacts their productivity, ease, and risk of injury. These assessments are mainly conducted to determine if a worker has the correct posture while working, including the position of their body, repetitive movements, and other such physical factors.

The following are some of the major benefits of conducting an ergonomic assessment at your workplace:

  • Reduced risk of injuries at the workplace
  • Improves the efficiency and productivity of the employees
  • Keeps employees in good health [meaning fewer sick leaves]
  • Improves employee-employer relationship at work
  • Increased work time as employees will take fewer sick leaves
  • Creates a healthy working environment
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Ergonomic Assessment at FlexiFit

When you choose us as your ergonomic inspector, you will be offered top-grade services that are unmatched by any rival. Our all-inclusive ergonomic assessment is not limited to checking the distances and the posture. We ensure that each and every aspect is assessed thoroughly so your workplace can become a healthy sanctuary.

The following are some of the main things we inspect during an ergonomic assessment:

  • We will first assess the desk area and see whether the worker has enough room to work.
  • We will check if their chair is up to the mark according to the employee’s specific needs in terms of their comfort, height and movement.
  • We will investigate if the workers are familiar with how to change, alter or modify their workstations.
  • Next, we will examine the tools the workers provide to perform the job, their quality and if they are suitable for individual employees.
  • We will check whether the workers have been trained to do their job well.
  • We will assess the worker’s posture while working, including the angle at which elbows and hips are bent and wrist movements.
  • And lastly, we will check the distance at which a screen is placed and how they move about their own station.

Why should you choose us?

FlexiFit’s team includes qualified therapists who are certified to conduct ergonomic assessments at both workplaces and your home. Based on our tests, we will provide you with a report that details what is being done wrong and what is up to the mark. The report will also include recommendations that we feel should be implemented at your workplace to enhance productivity and improve postures. The report may include the following:

  • List of equipment and tools that need to be replaced, repaired or added.
  • Recommendations to reduce the stress on the employees while they are completing repetitive tasks.
  • Training the staff members about any new technology or method of operation.
  • Recommendations to improve the working posture of the employees.
  • And more

All this makes us the desired inspector for your ergonomic assessment. Not only this, we will assess every worker and demonstrate the right technique every step of the way.

Our main motive is to help you achieve positive results through our innovative services, dedication and experience. Each solution is tailored directly to your needs after conducting the assessment. Moreover, we ensure that the assessment is carried out smoothly with zero to no mishaps and that you get accurate results.

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An ergonomic assessment is necessary for a workplace if you really care about your employees and their health. It has various benefits, including some solid long-term benefits that would eventually be beneficial for your company.

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