Post- Operative Rehabilitation

Have you been through an operation lately?

Do you need help getting back your physical strength and body mobility?

Post-operation recovery can be a task for both the patient and their physiotherapist. This process is a long journey that needs to be handled by experts to ensure better results and no complications. But fret not; with our team at Flexifit Physiotherapy, all aspects of your Post- Operative Rehabilitation will be taken care of.

What is Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

Many surgeries and disorders take a lot of strength and mobility away. Patients need a targeted and long physiotherapy treatment to get them back to normal. This whole process of gaining back the physical strength and range of movement is called Post-Operative Rehabilitation. 

This process requires a lot of patience, and many factors are involved. From the physiotherapist’s expertise to the patient’s willingness and commitment, this is a two-way road that the patient and the therapist need to take together.

Factors that affect the process of postoperative recovery:

  • Expertise of the therapist:

There are many therapists out there, but choosing the one with the best expertise is what is important. The therapists’ qualifications and experience determine how well the patient will be handled and how effective the therapy will be. To some extent, the rate of recovery, quality of service, and even the patient’s will are highly dependent on the therapist.

Our team of experts at all centres is one of the industry’s most qualified and experienced teams. This enables us to provide the best services to our customers and help their Post-Operative Rehabilitation effectively.

  • Type of surgery performed:

Depending on what type of surgery you underwent, many factors change. For example, how much strength you lost, how hard it is for you to move, your physical restrictions, your overall health after the surgery, etc. All of these factors need to be considered while devising a recovery plan.

When you visit Flexifit for your Post-Operative Rehabilitation, your complete history and files are checked thoroughly. This includes all the prescriptions, instructions, etc., given by the doctor. Your health and condition are also examined, and you are then given a plan. Our experts completely assist this recovery journey; hence, you need not worry. 

  • Psychological condition of the patient:

After surgery, many patients might feel overwhelmed, tired, or both. In this condition, their psychological well-being is of utmost importance to make their physical recovery easier. This includes their pain, their understanding of the importance of therapy, and most importantly, their willingness. To some extent, it also depends on the therapist to motivate them and enhance their will to take physiotherapy. 

At Flexifit, we understand that after being through a process like surgery, another long process of Post-Operative Rehabilitation might sound exhausting. Yet, we ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible throughout. We make the exercises and therapies engaging so that they stay motivated. 

  • Physical restrictions and area of work:

Some surgeries require extensive postoperative work. Some surgeries also have permanent physical implications, and hence the therapists need to work around them. However, these restrictions need to be considered and given importance so that no injuries are caused.

At Flexifit, all your records are checked, and all your restrictions are considered. After we know what area needs to be worked on, we make a Post- Operative Rehabilitation plan that effectively targets the area while still taking care of the restrictions. 

What makes Flexifit the best choice?

Our team is known for its compassionate and accurate physiotherapy. We provide expert advice and complete assistance in all our treatments. Our therapies are the best in class, and our experts have years of experience in supervising them. 

With our Post-Operative Rehabilitation, patients get all the required care and can heal better. Our therapists make the whole process fun rather than a gym class. This helps the patients stay motivated and willing throughout the process without wanting to quit. 

Our treatments are completely genuine and scientifically proven to help in speeding up the recovery phase. We combine many therapies from the vast field of physiotherapy to bring to you the most effective ones to suit your conditions. 

We are a team of passionate and welfare-driven professionals who wish to contribute to society by helping people heal from injuries. We are equipped with the best-in-class equipment and compassionate experts to provide the utmost care and precision in treatments. 

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