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Jenesa Time

I had the slipped disc for couple of days and I wasn’t able to move around at all, the pain was unbearable. I came to George and fix me up in no time! I had a couple of sessions with her to make sure I’m fully fixed. I couldn’t be more grateful enough for Georgia. I’m really glad I came to this place ❤️ Highly recommended!


Knowledgeable and cost effective treatment

Georgia is a brilliant physio. She quickly diagnosed my problem and worked on a plan with me to get me moving again.

Georgia was awesome treating me when I was experiencing quite severe knee pain - she gave me a series of exercises as well as her treatment strategies with a very successful result. Thank-you so much Flexifit

Georgia provides exceptional service and has helped me immensely with my chronic lower back issues and degenerative arthritis. She works hard to keep my pain managed and provides me with knowledgeable advice specific to my injuries. If you are seeking a physio who truly cares and works hard to target specific issues, then look no further; it's so great to walk out of her clinic with complete relief.

Joy Fuller

I have been attending this practice since they opened and have had no hesitation in recommending Flexifit to my friends. Georgia and Tess are both professional women and the studio is so calming, beautifully spotlessly clean. It’s a treat to attend their business. The work they both do is amazing.

Flexifit is absolutely brilliant! Georgia has been my Physio for the past couple of months and she has been helping me with neck pain/migraines and knee pain. She has provided me with incredible hands-on physical support, as well as a specific and structured at-home exercise plan, that she created and adjusted based on my circumstances. Alongside the actual Physiotherapy aspect, the team at Flexifit have always been super accommodating towards my work schedule and have been happy to shuffle around appointments at the last minute. They are amazing and I can’t thank Georgia enough!

Lester Brook

The ladies here do the best work of any physio I’ve ever been to and I’ve visited a few. Not only are they great at their job but they are nice to chat with as well. Definitely recommend them but just don’t come and steal my appointments! 😁

I absolutely love going to FlexiFit as I know I’ll come out feeling amazing! Both Georgia and Tessa are fantastic at what they do and have really helped me through my pregnancy issues and now my postpartum recovery. I could not recommend them enough

Graham Low

Georgia has treated me for three separate issues over the last four years - both in Gordon and now Collaroy I have been impressed with her competency and professionalism on each occasion. My local GP in the upper North Shore was so impressed with how well Georgia has treated my latest issue, he took all her details and said he was thinking of referring his patients that were prepared to travel from the upper North Shore to Collayoy.

Emma Edwards

Thank god I found this place. I have been suffering for years with neck and back pain, after playing baseball for years, and being a brow and lash artist for the last 5 years, I was constantly in pain and my posture was terrible. Georgia has been working her magic on me for a few months now and I have never felt so good. I can actually move my neck freely now without pain, and Georgia has given me some fantastic advise on how to best manage my training sessions with my personal trainer and the way in which I sit during work. The studio is so clean and provides a relaxing environment, and Georgia and her sister are so lovely and knowledgeable.

Arne Delacher

So happy I found this place! I walked in as a broken person and Tessa knew exactly what to do to make me feel whole again! I’ve got a huge appreciation for her talent to fix my body and will keep coming back! Both ladies are very professional and welcoming and I can wholeheartedly recommend this place to everyone who asks for a great Physio.

Giovanni S

One of the best physio clinics in the Northern Beaches! Georgia is very knowledgeable, caring and professional. I really appreciated her torough approach and great advice after the session for long lasting results. Highly recommended!

Steve Hislop

5 stars all the way. I highly recommend Georgia and Tessa. They’re great with diagnosis, treatments and exercise regimes. Being a tradie and a surfer they’ve got me back to work and in the water in no time at all.

A great and professional service. Both Tessa and Georgia are well experienced and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Lachlan Pooley

Tessa and Georgia have a wealth of knowledge and always explain so clearly what my problem is and give great muscle releases and exercises for continued rehab!

Diana Parry

Tessa and Georgia are fantastic physios. They have helped me so much with my chronic neck issues and headaches. They provide excellent hands on therapy, and a good amount of treatment in appointment time. Nice clinic in convenient location with parking at front door.

Colleen Ogle

I have seen Georgia for a very troublesome shoulder issue I had for years. I am not able to explain adequately how impressed I am with the final result. I still cannot believe I have a pain free shoulder. Thank you Flexifit 🙏.

For the past few months I have had the pleasure of receiving physiotherapy treatment from Tessa at FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Collaroy for an ongoing neck & back issue, and I must say it has been an exceptional experience. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I was greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere, which immediately put me at ease. Tessa demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise throughout my sessions. She took the time to thoroughly assess my condition, listening attentively to my concerns and addressing them with the utmost care. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body were evident in her ability to accurately diagnose and develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. What truly impressed me was Tessa’'s ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. She patiently guided me through each step of the treatment process, ensuring that I understood the purpose and benefits of each exercise or technique. This not only empowered me to actively participate in my own recovery but also instilled a sense of trust and confidence in her abilities. I am delighted to say that thanks to Tessa's expertise and guidance, I have experienced significant improvement in my condition. Her holistic approach, combining manual therapy, exercise prescription, and education, has not only alleviated my pain but also equipped me with the tools to prevent future injuries. I highly recommend FlexiFit Physio to anyone in need of physiotherapy services. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for their patients make them an outstanding practitioner in their field. I am very grateful for the positive impact they have had on my health and well-being.

Jayel March

I can’t recommend the team at Flexifit highly enough! I’ve had chronic shoulder problems for 2 years and seen other specialists which hadn’t solved the problem. Tessa at Flexifit sourced the problem and after the first session, my shoulders were sitting aligned - the first time that’s happened in 2 years. I felt validated with the pain I was in and feel so much more positive about my treatment pathway with Flexifit.

Georgia’s brilliant and excels in all the areas I want from a physio - diagnosing/figuring out the prob, massage and physical work, and then exercises to do at home to help long term. Worth the 40 minute drive!

I've been seeing Georgia and Tessa from FlexiFit for the last year, and they have both been outstanding. They are caring, compassionate and highly skilled. They have assisted me with managing multiple injuries and I've referred several members of my family who are equally impressed with their services! Thank you, Georgia and Tessa, you guys are amazing!

Great experience helping with my ACL recovery, would recommend


I can commend Georgia and Tessa for their excellent hands-on approach. So many physios nowadays are often hands-off, so being treated at FF has been a refreshing change 🙌🏻

Georgia and Tessa are both friendly and professional and have helped fix my injuries and get me moving again. They are very hands on and I highly recommend them

The girls at FlexiFit are simply amazing. So kind, friendly, understanding and knowledgeable. They know exactly what my body needs. My neck pain has improved dramatically since going here. Love my visits!

Meil's Curic

The team at FlexiFit Physio are exceptional practitioners who genuinely care about the outcomes for their clients. When you book with Georgia or Tessa you know you have their full attention for the session, they are not juggling multiple clients and their hands on therapeutic approach is seamless and extremely effective to reduce pain and enable progression from injury. I can not recommend them more highly. Thanks guys!

Julia Fujikawa

My experience at FlexiFit Physiotherapy has been truly exceptional, and I would wholeheartedly recommend both Georgia and Tessa to anyone in search of effective support for managing persistent pain conditions. Both Georgia and Tessa have been integral to my journey in addressing both acute knee pain and long-standing issues with back pain, tension headaches, and migraines. In the past, my interactions with healthcare professionals haven't always yielded lasting results. However, the level of attentiveness and authentic care they've shown for my overall well-being and the underlying causes of my pain are clearly reflected in their hands-on approaches, follow- up care and advice and healing strategies. I feel so lucky to have found this practice.

These girls saved my day! Professional & friendly service… despite being fully booked, they were quick to respond & help me on the first possible cancellation! Felt so bad with vertigo, was off balance and literally needed support & help to get into the rooms, walked out a different person, independent & without help… just amazing!

Jenny Duke

I’ve been seeing firstly Georgia and then Tessa at Flexifit Physiotherapy since I moved to the area early in 2022. I went there initially because I wanted a physiotherapist in the Collaroy area, but then I stayed because they really help. They have always listened to my various problems, asked questions and then worked using both hands-on therapy and have given me exercises to do at home to complement the treatment, making sure I knew what I was doing and doing it correctly. You get their undivided attention for the whole appointment and it never feels like you are being rushed through as just another body to be treated and that they’d rather be somewhere else. Thank you and long may you keep up the good work!!!

Highly recommend the professional, personalised and friendly service delivered by both Tessa and Georgia. I sort after their expertise to alleviate back/shoulder/neck aches. Their hands on treatment style is effective and worth a visit. I feel like I have a new lease on life after an appointment.

Alan Bowers

Sisters are doing it... After years of uncomfortable aches and twinges I was referred to FlexiFit. Georgia is my therapist and I'm ecstatic to report no more sleep deprived nights and an improved range of movement in my shoulders and overhead. Coupled with an arsenal of exercises for prevention. I give you 5/5 Georgia - Thank you, so very much

Ivona Richter

Georgia is just amazing!! The treatment is personalised and hands on, providing exceptional results. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone!!

Jana Silva

Georgia and Tessa are AMAZING!!! I struggle a lot with injuries and I'm glad that I found FlexiFit. They’re always caring for the patients and doing everything and beyond to make us feel better. Full hands on! Not only physio talking and taking notes. Thank you Georgia and Tessa!


Don't put up with that twinge, pain or injury that you keep ignoring. Go see Georgia and Tessa, friendly, knowledgeable, hands on treatment, works with the client on a treatment plan including identifying muscular weaknesses and easy exercises to build a better, stronger healthier you.

Amanda Kussler

Georgia was lovely and explained the exercises I needed to get my body moving again after having my baby. She recorded videos so I could watch at home and do the exercises correctly. I definitely recommend booking an appointment at FlexiFit due to their excellent service, specially after having baby.

Ryan Chapman

I've had a lot of experience with different physiotherapists over the years and Georgia at Flexifit is by far the best. She's so passionate and knowledgeable but so friendly and easy going aswell. Not to mention she provides amazing hands on work.

Instant relief to sore back and neck thank you Georgia !

Jen Kozak

I don't think I could speak more highly of Georgia even if I tried! She is outstanding in her field! When my old physio went onto doing corporate only, I struggled for years to find someone half as good as she was. When I had my first session with Georgia I couldn't believe that I have finally found someone that was as good as she was, if not better even! Such a warm personality with a wealth of knowledge!!

Ian Wright

I have used Georgia to assist with recovery from major pectoral surgery. They can't be faulted in their dedication to help. Don't hesitate to see them asap.


I feel way better thanks to Georgia because they listened my story and gave me home exercises and also done very good manipulating treatments… thank you

I would highly recommend Georgia at FlexiFit. She is amazing! I have had an ongoing shoulder injury for years which is now so much better, total hands on approach and very caring.

Emma Kohonen

Tessa is amazing… my broken body is slowly on the mend! Very hands on with treatment and very knowledgeable… super happy I found flexifit!


Amazing! They do such a great job. Friendly. Really gets the job done and you notice a significant difference afterwards.

Extremely recommended.

Leah Gubecka

I was in pain over the Christmas break and needed some help. I found FlexiFit online and after my first visit I left without pain and could move much better. I had no idea how stiff I was. Great hands on service and no hooking up to machines. Highly recommend Georgia and her team for your physio needs.

Sally McCallum

Georgia is amazing, I needed a lot of work to get my neck, hips and muscle strength happening again, still a work in progress but I am impressed with my progress, thanks so very much Georgia.