Foot Biomechanical Assessment

If you are a sportsperson or someone whose job involves a lot of footwork, there is a chance that you may develop issues with your lower limbs and feet due to exhaustion or injuries. At such times, a foot biomechanical assessment helps you to understand the reason for your pain. 

At Flexifit, many patients come in with severe lower back, hip, ankle, or foot pain. For such cases, our experts use the biomechanical assessment to find out the root cause of the pain and suggest a treatment plan. 

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What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

A biomechanical assessment of the lower back, limbs, feet, etc., is designed to closely observe your legs’ movement, structure, and posture to identify any potential abnormalities. This assessment helps your therapists to understand what is causing the pain. It can be the way you walk (or your Gait), the way your feet move, and the way your posture is while walking. 

On close examination during the foot biomechanical assessment, the doctors can determine where the pain is emerging from and treat you accordingly. These exams are very beneficial, especially if you notice any sudden pain or issues with your lower back, legs, etc. 

What can you expect in a foot assessment?

These assessments are usually categorised into two types. Static and dynamic assessments. Both of these types are important in determining the underlying cause of your pain. 

A static foot biomechanical assessment involves the patient sitting or standing and their doctors taking the necessary measurements. This helps them assess any postural issues and the alignment of your body. They may also check your range of motion, mobility, etc. 

A dynamic assessment is when your doctor asks you to walk or run to assess your gait or way of walking. They will see how your limbs move while you walk and check for any abnormalities there. The doctors may often ask for a video of you walking or running to examine your case thoroughly. 

This assessment is a general overview of your posture, gait, movement, etc., so that the main cause of your pain and the originating spot can be determined. We at Flexifit conduct a thorough examination of all aspects during this assessment. We ensure that even you know what is causing your pain and help you overcome those difficulties.

What are the benefits of a foot biomechanical assessment?

We all have different bodies, and hence, we stand or walk differently. There may be some deformities in our posture or body alignment that may seem normal to us. Hence, it is important that we consult the proper professionals in case of any abnormal pain. 

Getting a foot biomechanical assessment from experts like Flexifit has many benefits and can help patients deal with their issues effectively. 

Benefits of this assessment:

  • Prevention of severe issues:

Many chronic diseases like diabetes have a risk of losing sensation in the limbs and many other issues related to your legs and feet. Consulting a properly certified doctor for an assessment is very important in such cases. You might overlook a serious symptom as an effect of the disease, but it actually may not be what you think and turn into something serious. In some cases, neglect can even lead to the need to amputate limbs to save the patient. 

  • Keeping your foot and legs healthy:

A regular foot biomechanical assessment helps you stay ahead of your health and maintain long-term foot health. It also helps in understanding the cause of your pain and relieving it with relevant treatment. Our experts at Flexifit will ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment to recover from the issues. They will also help you maintain better foot health and make sustainable and beneficial changes in your lifestyle.

  • Minimise further injuries due to abnormalities:

Unbalancing due to injuries or abnormalities can be dealt with efficient treatments. With these issues gone, the patients’ chances of tripping or falling reduce considerably. Recurrent falling or imbalance is a symptom of severe issues with the foot or ankle. Simple exercises or treatments can deal with these issues. 

  • Early detection of issues:

Regular foot biomechanical assessment makes it possible to notice the early signs of diseases like arthritis, gout, etc. However, it needs a practised expert to determine the symptoms early. Our experts are well-trained and experienced enough to notice even the slightest abnormalities and treat them effectively. 

A foot biomechanical assessment can prove very beneficial and effective when done regularly. These assessments determine the cause of the pain in the lower back, foot, ankle, etc. The experts at Flexifit are determined to help patients with foot, ankle or lower back pains with accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. 

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