Georgia Stromquist

Position: Principal Physiotherapist and Director

Georgia Stromquist (maiden name Eastoe) graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (with Distinction) in 2013.

Georgia has always had a passion for assessing and treating musculoskeletal pain using a combination of hands-on techniques and functional exercise, especially Clinical Pilates.

Georgia has spent her whole career working in private practice/ sports physiotherapy and has assisted her expertise at many local sporting tournaments such as the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic.

Georgia, like her older sister, grew up playing a lot of sport and has represented her state playing Soccer, touch, oztag, AFL and Tennis.

Georgia’s initial interest in physiotherapy first came about after a few small injuries kept re-appearing early in her soccer career. Working closely with her physiotherapist, she was amazed how a few tweaks in techniques and movement alleviated her pain. Since then, Georgia has always been passionate about biomechanics and movement assessment to enhance function.

Georgia enjoys treating a wide range of conditions and has extensive experience treating shoulder pain, neck and lower back pain, knee pain and other upper and lower limb injuries both in the active and post- operative population.

When Georgia isn’t teaching her patients pilates, she is often found on the reformer herself! She loves all things outdoors and loves spending time teaching her young daughter how to swim and crawl around!

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