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The Role of Sports Physiotherapy In a Sports Persons’ Life

We all must agree that a sports person’s body differs from a normal person’s, not only because they are more physically active but also because they develop their muscles, strength and body from time to time. That is why there is a need for an expert who can look at their body when they get injuries and pain. And this is where sports physiotherapy enters. 

What Is Sports Physiotherapy?

As the name speaks for itself, sports physiotherapy is a physical therapy structured for sportspersons to look after them when they face any issues or injuries. Sportsperson injuries require extra care and precision. Since they use their body most, even minor issues can lead to major injury if not addressed properly on time. 

Both professional athletes and amateur players go through pain and injury at some point, and they need a sports physiotherapist who can take care of them during such a time. It’s the role of a sports physiotherapist to apply scientific techniques to help sports people heal from an injury. They also aim to enlighten them about tightening muscles, train them on what can be done if specific situations arise and more. 

Sports physiotherapy is a profession in itself. If you’re a sports person, it is necessary to know what is sports physiotherapy and have sports-related knowledge about the human body. 

What Are The Key Areas Of Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is meant to support sportspersons to recover quickly and improve their performance. It also helps reduce future injuries through various types of physical therapy and techniques. However, the treatment varies from one problem area to another, such as nerve, muscle injuries, pain, ligament, or other musculoskeletal issues. 

Here are some common areas of sports physiotherapy: 

  1. Understanding and diagnosing injuries
  2. Knowing the root cause of the injury
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Performance improvement
  5. Finding solutions for the individual according to the issue.


Which Sports Require Physiotherapy The Most? 

Even though every sport ensures that everyone remains safe and secure and doesn’t get hurt or injured, we never know when a player can face a mishap. Most players develop pain in their knees, arms and shoulders. With a player’s safety as the top priority, various measures like using protective gear, glasses, equipment and pads are necessary. 

Nevertheless, still, there are some sports in which injuries occur the most, and they require a sports physiotherapist. 

  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Hockey
  • Skating
  • Cricket
  • Athletic

How Does Sports Physiotherapy Work?

Sportspersons are at high risk of getting injuries at any moment. That is why sports physiotherapists need to remain close to the sportsperson or athlete to closely identify and understand the injuries and pain. 

Many professional players have their own sports physiotherapist who guides them properly and brings out the best performance. They give them exercises to do which cannot only improve their injuries but also enhance their performance. 

Rehabilitation plays an important role as well. It varies from sport to sport. Various types of therapy are used, each focusing on the main problem.

How Beneficial Sports Physiotherapy Is?

Sports physiotherapy is powerful. It’s very beneficial for a sports person’s mind and body. A physiotherapist makes sure that athletes are capable of utilising both their body and mind whilst participating in a particular sport. Therapists not only reduce their pain but also remove the trauma and mental effects caused by injury or pain. 

Here are some more benefits of sports physiotherapy: 

1. Improves physical strength

Sports people prepare themselves for competitions within a limited time. They go through intense training and workouts, which cause them to tear their muscles, joints and ligaments. A sports physiotherapist can help them improve their physical strength.

2. Helps body to relax

Many athletes use physical therapy for relaxation. Communicating with a therapist and knowing more about their body can help them relax and regain the energy required to put in the sports next time.

3. Improves injuries

A sports physiotherapist can plan for your body and guide you about do’s and don’ts. With time and various exercises, you will recover and gain your strength back.

4. Prevents injuries

Being in touch with a sports physiotherapist will help you to understand your body more. A therapist will make you aware of the body areas on which you don’t need to put pressure on. It will help you to enhance your body flexibility and motions from time to time.

5. Rehabilitation

This is another benefit of having a sports physiotherapist. They will build personalised exercises and therapy to bring out the best in you. This will make you strong both physically and mentally whilst improving your sports-related injuries.

Be at Your Best With FlexiFit Physiotherapy

Now you know what is sports physiotherapy and how it plays an important role in players’ life. 

At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, our professional therapists offer all-encompassing treatments that can help bring back your strength and treat your injury. You can know more about us here.

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Kirsten Alexander
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Julia Fujikawa
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Jenny Duke
I’ve been seeing firstly Georgia and then Tessa at Flexifit Physiotherapy since I moved to the area early in 2022. I went there initially because I wanted a physiotherapist in the Collaroy area, but then I stayed because they really help. They have always listened to my various problems, asked questions and then worked using both hands-on therapy and have given me exercises to do at home to complement the treatment, making sure I knew what I was doing and doing it correctly. You get their undivided attention for the whole appointment and it never feels like you are being rushed through as just another body to be treated and that they’d rather be somewhere else. Thank you and long may you keep up the good work!!!
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Elizabeth Koudsy
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Alan Bowers
Sisters are doing it... After years of uncomfortable aches and twinges I was referred to FlexiFit. Georgia is my therapist and I'm ecstatic to report no more sleep deprived nights and an improved range of movement in my shoulders and overhead. Coupled with an arsenal of exercises for prevention. I give you 5/5 Georgia - Thank you, so very much
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Ivona Richter
Georgia is just amazing!! The treatment is personalised and hands on, providing exceptional results. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone!!