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Cromer is home to several parks and reserves in the Northern Beaches Region. Sports and fitness are ingrained in its local culture as these parks host many sports activities like cricket, rugby, football, softball and baseball. Its beautiful beaches are suitable for surfers and swimmers who wish to keep their bodies fit whilst enjoying the sun and their hobbies. These activities create a holistically sound mind and body and promote health and well-being for sports enthusiasts and athletes. 

This love for sports and outdoor activities is why Cromer needs a dedicated sports physiotherapy clinic. With expert sports physiotherapy services, you can confidently continue your passion for sport and live pain free.


What Is Cromer Sports Physio?

Cromer sports physio is fully committed and solely dedicated to semi-pro and professional athletes, recreational athletes, sports enthusiasts, elite athletes and sports teams. 

Whether you’re an individual whose hobby involves a particular kind of sport or outdoor activity or an athlete who plays professionally for an official team, you need the best advice and strategies to avoid sports injuries, treat injuries and hasten recovery. With Cromer sports physio, you’ll have someone who understands the implications of sports injuries to your career and well-being. A team of experts brings you the best sports physiotherapy treatments and programs you can ask for. 


Who Needs a Sports Physio in Cromer?

Recreational Athletes

Integrating a physical activity or sports into your everyday life is essential in keeping your mind and body fit and healthy, even with old age. You don’t only get to be healthy, but you also enjoy the thrill, camaraderie and adventure it brings.

We recognise the importance of recreational sports for individuals; this is why Cromer sports physio is necessary to keep you injury-free, so you can maintain and continuously enjoy your beloved hobby. 

Sports Team and Associated Individuals

A sports team doesn’t forge teamwork during the competition but through months of intense training. A team working as one makes all the difference during a competition. Cromer sports physiotherapists can work alongside your strength and conditioning coaches to adapt training for any injured teammate. We can also provide programs to help work around the injury whilst still maintaining team cohesion and optimal performance.

Athletes With Disabilities

Disabilities have never hindered anyone from becoming their best self, even in sports. At FlexiFit Physiotherapy Cromer sports physio, inclusivity and diversity are at the core of our mission to provide everyone with the best sports physiotherapy treatments. 

Elite Athletes

Breaking human barriers and playing sports on an international and high level is what defines an elite athlete. To keep up with the demands and competitiveness of being an elite athlete, we develop tailor-fit and personalised exercise programs to maximise efficiency and further bring out our client’s sports potential. We can help identify weaknesses and work closely with you to enhance performance and keep your competitive edge whilst preventing injury. 

Retired Athletes

Sports professionals never truly retire from an activity they consider their vocation and passion their whole lives. Abruptly stopping an outdoor or sports activity can lead to deconditioning and, in worse cases, injuries. To help ease this transition, Cromer sports physio provides special exercise programs to maintain well-being without sacrificing years of muscle memory and training performance. 


Flexifit Physiotherapy: Your Sports Injury Clinic in Cromer

At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on offering a premium and hands-on approach to treating sports injuries. Our treatment plans and modalities are based on up-to-date and relevant scientific research to provide optimal benefits to our clients.

Here is a list of our services:


Deep Tissue Massage

Constant movements and training can make the connective tissue and skeletal muscles stiff and tense. These acute or chronic patterns of tension can impede performance and functionality. With deep tissue massage, our sports physiotherapists can realign and release these tensions to reduce pain and improve overall functionality.

Manipulative Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Athletes of all kinds experience a wide range of conditions, including shoulder pain, back pain and misalignment of muscles, joints and ligaments. Cromer sports physio performs manipulative musculoskeletal physiotherapy to prevent further injuries from occurring. We do this with the safety and longevity of treatment in mind to maintain optimal conditions. 

Exercise Programs and Specialised Exercise Prescriptions

We provide individualised exercise programs and specialised exercise prescriptions to athletes who want to enhance their performance and further bring out their potential whilst recognising and fortifying gaps and weaknesses. These exercise programs can also complement any treatment plan in the event of an injury to prevent further progression into chronic injury or disease. 

Dry Needling

Our Cromer sports physiotherapists have the certification and expertise to provide our clients with dry-needling techniques to ease musculoskeletal pains and movement impairments. Trigger points are safely and effectively located and a thin monofilament needle is inserted to release any tense muscle and nerve endings that disrupt function and restrict the range of movement.


FlexiFit Physiotherapy Cromer sports physio uses the latest taping techniques to protect against any existing injury. Taping improves joint stability whilst reducing swelling, muscle recovery, cramp and spasm prevention and muscle tone and strength enhancement.

Injury Prevention

Injuries can be deal breakers and career enders for sports professionals and recreational athletes alike. We design management plans to strengthen muscles, bones and other associated tissues to injury proof your body or minimise injuries from otherwise severe accidents that may happen. 

Pain Management

Determining the root cause of pain is crucial to addressing and treating it. FlexiFit Physiotherapy offers proper and extensive pain management strategies and plans whilst strengthening weak areas that add to the pain. 


Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Our Cromer sports physio can minimise the stress associated with pre- and post-operative procedures by creating a personalised rehabilitation plan that varies in length and intensity depending on the client’s needs. We want to ensure that you get back to your feet and condition you to return to peak performance as soon as possible. We want to dispel your fear so you may return to your sport with renewed confidence and a stronger mind and body. 


FAQs About Our Cromer Sports Physio

Q: What can I expect on my first visit?

A: At FlexiFit Physiotherapy Cromer sports physio, we ensure that you are in the right place with our excellent client service. Our first consultation will include:  

  • Patient history and condition.
  • Assessment and diagnosis of your problem.
  • Work closely with your trainers, coaches and mentors for the best approach.
  • Appropriate management and treatment.

Q: What does ‘treatment’ involve?

A: Treatment can range from different modalities, such as deep tissue massage, dry needling, manipulative physiotherapy and pain management. We also offer preventive management plans and strategies to enhance athletic performance and prevent future injuries. 

Q: I am not a professional athlete; however, my injury is sports-related. Can I still avail of your services?

A: Of course! Whether a professional athlete or not, we treat you just the same by providing you with the best treatment and management plans for any sports-related problems or injuries. 

Q: Is it possible to track my progress?

A: We can provide multiple ways for you to track progress, such as videos or pictures. We can also provide assessments to give you vital points, so you know what exercises you’re doing correctly and what needs improvement.  

Be at Your Best with FlexiFit Physiotherapy

You don’t have to suffer through your pain any longer.

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