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How To Start An Exercise Program?

Exercising regularly has been proven to significantly improve your mental and physical health, and we all know this. Moreover, people who exercise regularly would even go as far as saying that exercising is relatively easy and rejuvenating.

But it can get challenging when it comes to getting started with it and crossing that line that divides the people who exercise and those who do not.

That is why we want to help you figure out how to start an exercise program along with being consistent with the schedule.

What Is An Exercise Program?

An exercise program is a program that details different kinds of exercises to be performed by an individual, together with their frequency and the amount of time each exercise should be performed.

You can design your own exercise programs, but getting a professional Collaroy sports physio in the mix is always much more beneficial as they can understand what exercises would suit your body and match your goals better than you would.

How To Start An Exercise Program

The following are some steps to implement in your life to be able to start an exercise program:

Expert Advice

To begin with, you need to let your healthcare provider know that you will be starting an exercise program. This can also be your physiotherapist in Collaroy. They can test your body to ensure you are in good condition for the program.

Start Slow

One mistake many people make is giving their all into exercising and working out on the very first day. This can be strenuous for your body if you have been inactive for an extended period. Thus, we advise you to start off slow with a 20 to 30 minutes exercise session. If that seems too much, you can perform 10 minute sessions 2 to 3 times a day.

Be Consistent

Being consistent does not mean you have to exercise every day. You can take a cheat day or two weekly as a reward for exercising the rest of the week. Make achievable goals and reward yourself throughout.

Add Variety

Doing the same exercise everyday can be too monotonous to motivate you. So, you should jazz up your schedule by adding different types of exercises into your routine.

Be Aware Of Your Diet

Exercising can make you hungry and increase your appetite. You should try to fill this extra appetite with healthy foods. Remember not to go to extreme lengths to ‘get into shape’. Any step you take should be healthy for your body, both physically and mentally.

How Can You Be Consistent With Exercising?

Knowing how to create an exercise program or getting a Collaroy sports physio is not enough. You also need to do it regularly. The following are some tips you can follow to become consistent with exercising:

Know Your ‘Why’

To start anything new, you need motivation. And one of the biggest sources of motivation is your ‘why’. Knowing why you are exercising can significantly improve your consistency. Why are you exercising? To get in shape, shed off some extra weight, be fit etc.

Get Some Gear

Investing in small pieces of equipment could force you to exercise regularly. Why is that, you ask? The concept of guilt. When you invest in some exercise gear, you will be compelled to use it, either because you purchased it or out of guilt.

Make Time

We always find time for things we want to do. So, there is no such thing as ‘I do not have time’, only ‘I do not have time for this’. Exercising is essential, so you should leave some space in your schedule. It could be a one-hour window, or it could be broken down into more minor breaks.

Get A Workout Buddy

Time to contact your friends, colleagues or family members. Having a workout partner would motivate you to show up for the exercise date and work harder than you did yesterday.

Create A Good Ambience

Last but not least, a tip to be consistent in exercise is creating an excellent environment to exercise in. This usually involves a quiet and calm space. You can even add music according to your exercise program to make a good ambience.

Be at Your Best With FlexiFit Physiotherapy

Now you know how to start an exercise program and how to be consistent with it. Remember that only the beginning phase is challenging. Once your body gets used to the exercises and movements, it will get a lot easier for you.

At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, our physiotherapist in Collaroy can help you plan out what’s best for you. To know more, contact us today.

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