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Narrabeen, a neighbourhood in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is widely renowned for its expansive stretches of golden beach, stunning coastline and favourable surfing conditions. This lovely neighbourhood is also home to many enterprises, ranging from tiny, family-run firms to huge multinationals, thanks to its closeness to Sydney CBD.

There are several things to do in Narrabeen, such as strolling around Bilarong Reserve Playground or enjoying a beautiful headland walk. Narrabeen Lagoon is also the ideal location for outdoor activities.

Narrabeen is a place that offers a wide array of different activities—be it extreme sports and outdoor activities to shopping and strolling at the local markets.


Are you looking for a sports physio in Narrabeen? 

Take this for example; what if, after a long day of engaging in exciting activities like surfing or a lengthy walk around the market, you require assistance because of the muscle pain and soreness you are experiencing? Is there a physio in Narrabeen that could help you ease and address the aches and pains?

Indeed! FlexiFit Physiotherapy can help you feel your best. Through our individualised therapy programs and hands-on treatment sessions, we assist in providing relief.


What Is Narrabeen Sports Physio?

Narrabeen sports physio is a specialised area of physiotherapy that heavily specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Our sports physiotherapists at FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Narrabeen have undergone extensive training and certification. Hence, you’ll be at ease knowing that you are receiving the best treatment possible.


Who Needs a Sports Physio in Narrabeen?

It is inevitable to get injuries from the sports you love to do from time to time. Our dedicated sports physiotherapists work to prevent and treat injuries brought on by participation in exercise and sports at all ages and skill levels.

At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, we offer tailor-fit recommendations on safe involvement in exercise and sport to the following:

Recreational Athletes

True to its nature, recreational sports are competitive physical games, such as basketball or baseball, played for fun as opposed to being played professionally. Recreational athletes are more prone to possible injuries because of this.


Sports Teams and Associated Individuals

As team players, we at FlexiFit Physiotherapy understand that your ultimate goal is to excel in every training session and get to the championships. Whilst you and your team are focused on this matter, our experienced team at FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Narrabeen can work hand in hand with you by providing individualised therapy programs, giving lectures about injury prevention and hands-on treatment sessions, whenever needed.

Athletes With Disabilities

Sames with any other athletes, para-athletes also require sports physiotherapy to help them maintain their composure. Hence, keeping them in tip-top shape to win in every competition they take part in.


Elite Athletes

Think of the Olympic athletes. Behind their success is a team that is composed of people with different expertise who make sure that their representative athlete will win in every game. One of these would be a sports physiotherapist that helps the team monitor and assess an elite athlete’s every performance and ensures that every injury sustained is addressed quickly and properly.


FlexiFit Physiotherapy: Your Sports Injury Clinic in Narrabeen

At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, we take great pride in offering our Narrabeen patients the best possible physiotherapy care.


Here are a few of the services we offer:


Deep Tissue Massage

With deep tissue massage, we target the deepest levels of muscle and connective tissues. It helps to increase range of motion and flexibility whilst treating chronic muscle pain and stress.


Exercise Programs and Specialised Exercise Prescription

At FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Narrabeen, we offer tailor-fit exercise programs and specialised exercise prescriptions. These programs and prescriptions rely on the following factors: type, duration, frequency, intensity and volume. 


Injury Prevention

The goal of injury prevention is to keep you safe from whatever sports activity you are doing. Stretches, exercises and instruction in good techniques are just a few of the strategies that may be used for this.


Post-Operative Rehabilitation

We do offer post-operative rehabilitation at FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Narrabeen that’s tailor-fit based on your needs to help you recuperate quickly from surgery.



Taping is frequently used as an additional or transitory approach. When an injury already exists, athletes use tape as a protective measure. The restriction of damaged joints’ range of motion and the compression of soft tissues to lessen swelling are some of the objectives of tape.


Dry Needling

With dry needling, tiny needles are used to activate muscles and relieve pain. Numerous ailments, including neck discomfort, back pain and sports injuries, can be treated with it.


FAQs About Our Narrabeen Sports Physio


Q: What does sports physiotherapy at FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Narrabeen do?

A: Musculoskeletal discomfort, sports injuries and/or dysfunction are treated by physiotherapy. It is advised to get a quick, safe recovery and stop more injuries from happening. It may be used for both acute and chronic pain.


Q: At the very core, what does sports physiotherapy involve?

A: Injury to the musculoskeletal system is assessed, treated and further prevented by sports physiotherapy. Several tests will be performed during the physiotherapy evaluation to determine the cause of the pain and create the best possible treatment strategy.


Q: What should I expect in sports physiotherapy at FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Narrabeen?

A: When you go to a physiotherapy appointment, the physiotherapist will first perform an objective assessment by asking questions about the cause and behaviour of the pain or injury. Following that assessment, the physiotherapist will perform some manual tests to help with the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Typically, individualised treatment regimens are centred on mobility, tissue release and exercise-based therapy to meet the needs of individual patients.


Q: Do you have social media pages that I could follow?

A: Certainly! You may follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts to always stay up to date.


Q: Can I book online at FlexiFit Physiotherapy in Narrabeen?

A: Yes! You may book an appointment here. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Narrabeen.


Q: How can I get in touch?

A:  You may send your enquiries to [email protected]. Alternatively, you may call us at 02-8542-9507.


Be at Your Best with FlexiFit Physiotherapy

You don’t have to suffer through your pain any longer.

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