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Physiotherapy Offers Great Benefits in Managing Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common occurrence across people of all ages and walks of life. The dull and constant ache of shoulder pain can be very disruptive to a patient and can even impact on a good night’s sleep. It can make the patient feel a lack of energy during the day, which can affect the quality of his/her work. At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, where we service patients in Narrabeen, Collaroy, Dee Why and Cromer, we have experience treating shoulder pain. Below we are going to go through some causes of shoulder pain:

The Main Reasons for Shoulder Pain

The main reasons for shoulder pain include Tendonitis, bursitis and rotator cuff injury. In Tendonitis, over time, it can inflame the rotator cuff tendons. Bursitis is another reason for shoulder pain in which the bursa in your shoulder gets inflamed due to the overuse of the rotator cuff muscles, causing sharp pain in the shoulder. If there is any tear or damage to one of the muscles in the rotator cuffs, then it will cause a sharp pain in your shoulder.

How Can Physiotherapy Can Help You with Shoulder Pain?

As experienced physiotherapists on the Northern Beaches, FlexiFit, will first do a complete physical checkup of the patient to identify the issue. The patient will be asked to perform a range of movements. Once all the tests are completed, then our physiotherapist will diagnose the issue and prescribe a customised treatment plan for your specific condition.

A comprehensive program, which is prescribed by our FlexiFit physios can help a patient manage shoulder pain more effectively,  as well as providing treatments which can reduce pain. Below we are going to list different types of treatment plans that the physiotherapist can prescribe to help patients who are suffering from chronic shoulder pain:

1. Massage Therapy: The physio uses direction-specific pressure to relax the muscle and help the patient get back to some natural mobility. It is very effective in providing relief from shoulder pain.

2. Stretching: It is a common type of exercise to reduce pain in the shoulder and let the patient regain motion. There are various levels of stretches that are specific for the neck, spine and shoulder. 

3. Joint Mobilisation: It requires the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist as it requires a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder. Our phsyios who service patients located in Dee Why and other suburbs on the Northern Beaches will carefully check your condition and then prescribe the right stretching exercise to help you regain mobility of your shoulder and lessen the pain.

4. Ultrasound: If the physiotherapist diagnoses that the shoulder pain can be reduced by improving the elasticity of the muscles, then they may use a therapeutic ultrasound. In this treatment, the soft tissues, muscles and tendons are treated with deep heating. The heat improves the circulation of blood in the tissue, which helps in healing the injury. 

5. Taping: Depending upon the nature of your shoulder injury, the physio can either use athletic taping or the Kinesiology taping along with other exercises to increase circulation in the inflamed tissue.

6. Activity Modification: The physiotherapist can also guide you on how to change the ways in which you do your normal activities. A new modified way will offer more support to the shoulder, which ensures that the injury does not aggravate.

7. Change in Workplace Ergonomics: The physiotherapist can also guide you on how to sit and perform various activities in your workplace with proper support to your shoulder and neck. 

8. Home Exercise Program: When you visit a reputable and highly experienced physiotherapist like FlexiFit, then besides your regular session, you will also be asked to do some home exercises. It will help to continue the progress that you have made at the studio. The physio will practice with you so that you get the confidence to do it on your own at your home.

When you come to FlexiFit Physiotherapy for a consultation and treatment, the physiotherapists will provide you with a customised exercise and treatment plan specific to your requirements. It is important for a patient when dealing with shoulder pain to choose the best physiotherapist as this can speed up their treatment and recovery process. Our highly experienced physios in Dee Why, Cromer, Narrabeen and Collaroy offer personalised treatment options for your shoulder pain. We have extensive experience offering hands-on manual therapy, which in the long run can provide the best outcome and help you enjoy a healthy and pain-free lifestyle!


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