Does Massage Therapy Lower Or Raise Blood Pressure?

Does Massage Therapy Lower Or Raise Blood Pressure

Our health suffers silently as a result of the stresses and anxieties that come with navigating modern life. Among various holistic approaches to health management, massage therapy stands out not only for its ability to relax but also for its potential impact on our cardiovascular health. But does massage therapy lower or raise blood pressure? […]

Can A Deep Tissue Massage Cause Blood Clots?

Can A Deep Tissue Massage Cause Blood Clots?

When considering therapies to ease muscle pain and tension, deep tissue massage often surfaces as a popular choice due to its profound impact on chronic aches. However, for those especially concerned about their circulatory health, the pressing question arises: Can a deep tissue massage cause blood clots?  Deep tissue massage cannot directly cause blood clots, […]

What To Do After A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage

Experiencing a deep tissue massage can be profoundly therapeutic, targeting chronic muscle tension and facilitating deep relaxation. However, to truly maximise the benefits and mitigate any discomfort, it’s crucial to know what to do after a deep tissue massage.  After a deep tissue massage, ensure optimal recovery by hydrating well. You must also rest to […]

Can Deep Tissue Massage Help Weight Loss?

Are you exploring natural and supportive methods to complement your weight loss journey? If so, then deep tissue massage might be a valuable addition to your regimen. While it is not a magic solution for shedding pounds directly, its indirect benefits can significantly boost your efforts toward achieving a healthier weight.  Can deep tissue massage […]

Does Physical Therapy Help Nerve Pain?

Does Physical Therapy Help Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be an incredibly debilitating condition, impacting every facet of an individual’s life – from simple daily activities to sleep quality. Finding an effective treatment that addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes of nerve pain is crucial for those affected. And if you are one of those searching for relief, you […]

Types of Massage in Physiotherapy

In the pursuit of holistic well-being and recovery, the types of massage in physiotherapy play a crucial role in addressing a spectrum of physical conditions. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain, recovering from an injury or simply striving for optimal health, understanding these therapeutic techniques can be transformative.  In physiotherapy, techniques, such as effleurage, petrissage […]

When to See a Physio for Knee Pain? Expert Guidance for Relief

When to See a Physio for Knee Pain

Experiencing knee pain can be a challenge, affecting everything from your daily activities to your ability to enjoy hobbies and exercise.  Often, individuals endure discomfort for too long, uncertain about the appropriate time to seek professional help. Understanding when to see a physio for knee pain is crucial in addressing the issue promptly, ensuring a […]

Should I See a Physio or Chiro for Back Pain

When you’re struggling with back pain, the pressing question, “Should I See a Physio or Chiro for Back Pain?” becomes more than just a query; it’s a quest for relief and a path to better health. Back pain, a common ailment affecting individuals of all ages, not only hinders daily activities but also impacts the […]

How Northern Beaches Physio Helps With Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are common occurrences on the Northern Beaches, often resulting from various activities like beach sports, running on sand or engaging in outdoor adventures. At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, we recognise the unique challenges faced by our coastal community and provide specialised care tailored to each individual’s needs. Understanding Ankle Sprains and Their Common Causes Ankle […]

12 Tips to Get the Most of Your Collaroy Sports Physio

Collaroy sports physio, much like any other physiotherapy service, plays a pivotal role in enhancing and maintaining your physical well-being. To make the most out of your experience with Collaroy sports physio or a similar service, consider these practical tips tailored for you. 1. Clear Communication Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful physiotherapy […]

The Role of Northern Beaches Physio in ACL Injury, Rehabilitation and Recovery

In the fast-paced world we live in, injuries are an unfortunate reality, and one that many of us face. Today, let’s discuss a common yet often misunderstood injury, the ACL injury, and understand how our Northern Beaches physio team plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation and recovery process. What Is an ACL Injury? The […]

Northern Beaches Sports Physio: Essential Tips for Metatarsal Stress Fractures

Do you hear the call of the sports field, the adrenaline rush as you push your limits? If you’re a sports enthusiast on the Northern Beaches, you know the joy and challenge that comes with staying active. Yet, sometimes, our bodies send us signals, especially in the form of metatarsal stress fractures. Don’t let these […]

Calf Strain? Here’s How Northern Beaches Physio Can Help You

Calf strains, though common, can be downright painful and frustrating. Whether you’re an athlete pushing your limits or someone who enjoys the occasional jog along the picturesque shores of the Northern Beaches, a calf strain can halt your active lifestyle in its tracks. In this article, we’ll explore what calf strains are, their common causes, […]

Top Reasons You Need a Collaroy Sports Physio

Are you tired of those persistent aches and pains that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you try to rest or self-treat? It’s time to consider a Collaroy sports physio.  At FlexiFit Physiotherapy, we’re all about helping you be the best version of yourself, and one way to achieve that is through specialised, […]

Tips on Finding the Right Northern Beaches Physio for You

If you’re on the hunt for a trusted physiotherapist on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Australia, look no further! Finding the right Northern Beaches physio can make all the difference in your journey towards improved musculoskeletal health and overall well-being. FlexiFit Physiotherapy, a family-run business with over two decades of experience, understands the importance of […]

How To Prevent Sports Injuries Effectively

People who actively participate in sports often come across injuries. For them, sports injuries can hinder their game and impact their daily routine. Sports injuries can be painful, debilitating and can sideline athletes for weeks or even months. The good thing is that different options for treating and rehabilitating the injured sportsperson are now available. […]

Ergonomic Assessment: Improving Workplace Health and Safety

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are the cause of illness in most working populations. In addition to having a negative impact on productivity and quality of life, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) are identified as a popular reason for short-term work disability.  Recently, even workplaces with low injury risk have started conducting a thorough ergonomic assessment. This is […]

Why Women’s Health Physiotherapy Is So Important

Women’s health physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy that focuses on the unique health needs of women throughout their lives. From puberty to pregnancy, menopause to beyond, women experience a range of physiological changes that can impact their overall health and wellbeing.  Women’s health physiotherapy provides a holistic and personalised approach to addressing these […]

How To Improve Women’s Health

Women’s health is a vital concern that has an impact not just on individuals but also their families and communities. Females must have access to the medical resources and information they need to take care of their physical and emotional well-being throughout their lives. This encompasses regular check-ups, screenings and preventative care. Women’s health physiotherapy […]

How to Get Rid of a Headache

Do you deal with frequent headaches? Headaches are some of the most common ailments today. They usually go away independently without medical intervention, but persistent headaches require specialised treatments and quality care. With several specialised therapies available, exploring your options can help you say goodbye to constant headaches. So how to get rid of a […]

What Is Orthotics?

If you want to know what is orthotics, you need to understand that its main goal is to enhance the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and alleviate pain. Orthotics can correct structural imbalances, redistribute weight-bearing forces and stabilise joints. This also helps align the spine and limbs, preventing further injury and enhancing overall movement. Furthermore, […]

Dry Needling: Its Benefits and Uses

Dry needling is picking up popularity at a rapid pace due to its advantages. The procedure is simple to administer and incredibly effective when quality services are provided. It makes relieving tension easy, showing tremendous changes in your body after a single session. So, what is dry needling? What are its benefits? What should you […]

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that aims to release chronic tension patterns, improve flexibility and range of motion, and reduce stress and anxiety. It can be particularly useful for people with chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, chronic headaches, athletes or anyone who engages in regular physical activity. So what is a […]

Everything You Need To Know About Biomechanical Foot Assessment

image showing osteoarthritis

Are you suffering from pain in your lower limbs, like your lower back, hip, knee, legs or feet? This constant pain might seem harmless at the surface, but it could be something serious at the core. Suppose you have talked about this pain before. You might have been referred to a biomechanical foot assessment in […]

Orthotics – Is It Worth The Cost Or Not?

Not everyone has the perfect feet with the right arch, shape or angle. Many people are either born with foot abnormalities or grow them due to their habits and lifestyle. In such cases, orthotics – you might know them as insoles, inserts or footbeds – are greatly used to correct or treat the abnormality. But […]

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Needling

Dry needling is a kind of physio in Collaroy Plateau that has become extremely popular in the last few years since being used in practice. With its popularity, there have also been various developments in the method to make it more efficient. However, not many people who get this therapy recommended completely understand what it […]

How To Start An Exercise Program?

girl carrying pink dumbells

Exercising regularly has been proven to significantly improve your mental and physical health, and we all know this. Moreover, people who exercise regularly would even go as far as saying that exercising is relatively easy and rejuvenating. But it can get challenging when it comes to getting started with it and crossing that line that […]

Physiotherapy: How It Works, When To Visit, Benefits And What To Expect

Many of us are still unaware of physiotherapy and what exactly physiotherapy is. There is a common question among everyone new to this concept, i.e. ‘does physiotherapy work’?  It’s okay to have doubts when trying something new for the first time. So, to clear your doubts about physio Collaroy, we have briefly explained the term […]

Can Migraine Headaches Lead To Death?

Headache is one of the world’s most common medical conditions. It can be due to various reasons, such as stress, headaches, hunger, etc., and they go away with time and rest.  However, headaches like migraine have the potential to take your life. Migraines can be draining for some people, and they can cause an increased […]

The Role of Sports Physiotherapy In a Sports Persons’ Life

kids playing soccer

We all must agree that a sports person’s body differs from a normal person’s, not only because they are more physically active but also because they develop their muscles, strength and body from time to time. That is why there is a need for an expert who can look at their body when they get […]